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Random Recipe In The Mail


a recipe in the mail , maybe one past down from generation to generation that somebody’s ancestor whispered in their ear.



I’ve been thinking maybe people want to spend their money more appropriately by having an option to quickly and conveniently spend a little bullshit money in order to prevent them from spending bigger bullshit money.

For example per say you’re having the urge to go and spend $20 on something that you’d say is “Bullshit” well how about this come here. Purchase one of our Bullshit products and wa-la now you only have $15 and you gotta wait 2 weeks for something that you’re more than likely never going to bake.

Now you can either dig yourself deeper in the whole and go out and spend that other $15 in our store or if you’re just flat out of your mind you can spend more we’re not going to stop you. We will process your order don’t you worry honey boo boo child.



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