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Gucci’s Retrospective Roblox Tour Sounds a Bit Weird But We’re Into It



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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, you probably wouldn’t know that Gucci turning 100 this year, commemorating the occasion with headline-worthy shakeups like its Balenciaga “hacking lab” and a forthcoming Los Angeles runway show. The Italian luxury heavyweight’s next celebratory affair is “Gucci Garden Archetypes,” a multi-pronged exhibition celebrating creative director Alessandro Michele’s past campaigns both in person and through various digital mediums.

Under Michele, Gucci has developed an inimitable flair for ’70s pastiche, steeping its apparel, accessories, and even lifestyle locations in out-of-time elegance. Archetypes, hosted inside Gucci’s Garden space, place 15 memorable Michele-helmed campaigns on a gilded pedestal. Design studio Archivio Personale has created a series of immersive rooms for guests to explore, replicating Cruise 2020’s elegant Gucci restroom, Pre-Fall 2017’s disco fever, and Fall/Winter 2018 by way of countless stuffed animals and bewigged mannequin heads.

Not all of Gucci’s would-be guests can visit Florence, of course, so the house is simultaneously launching a virtual tour as part of its ongoing Roblox partnership, which recently expanded with the latest Gucci Sneaker Garage update. For two weeks, gamers can stroll through a digital Gucci Garden gallery that mirrors the actual presentation, complete with content that could only occur in-game: for instance, visitors’ avatars will be able to absorb elements of the exhibit to become walking Gucci billboards.

Two special collectibles tie in with “Archetypes” — a thematic real-world catalog and a special scent called The Alchemist’s Garden, which is restricted to only 1,000 luscious lacquered bottles. Gucci Garden’s first exclusive Eau de Parfum, it was cooked up by Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas and probably smells like pure opulence.

“I thought it was interesting to accompany people in these first six years of adventure, inviting them to cross the imaginary, the narrative, the unexpected, the glitter,” Michele said in a statement. “So, I created a playground of emotions that are the same as in the campaigns, because they are the most explicit journey into my imagery,”

Those in or en route to Florence can email Gucci Garden to book a visit, while gamers are already exploring the new Gucci space online as of today.

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