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Hot Wheels’ New R/C Cybertruck May Be More In-Demand Than Tesla’s



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If you thought getting one of Tesla‘s Cybertrucks was a tall orderHot Wheels‘ latest Cybertruck radio-controlled (R/C) car should put those expectations to shame. The limited-edition model is even more detailed than Hot Wheel’s first stab at an R/C Cybertruck and as likely to sell out as any toy that bears the Tesla name.

Overseen by the always-on-point Mattel Creations, the Cybertruck R/C  is a study in premium replication, a worthy follow-up to the recent carbon-neutral Matchbox Tesla Roadster. Indeed, this 1:10 scale Cybertruck is a Tesla fan’s dream, packed with elements painstakingly arranged to perfectly mirror the Cybertruck’s aerodynamic body.

It’s especially wild how similar this tiny take is to the actual electric truck, matching hyper-specific Cybertruck details like treads, headlights, and the spacious truck bed. Like the original, the latter neatly fits the accompanying Tesla Cyberquad that’s gloriously recreated in matching 1:10 scale, making Mattel the first company to issue a model of the angular ATV.

Even the controller is basically a work of art worthy of gracing the desk of any Tesla devotee. It transforms the Cybertruck’s Butterfly steering wheel — also seen on the Model S — into an easily grippable shape with two steering knobs and a power button. That’s particularly useful because the Cybertruck R/C is one of the speediest R/C cars on the market, capable of hitting speeds up to 12 MPH.

Retailing for merely $100, the R/C Cybertruck and Cyberquad set will launch on Mattel Creations’ website and Instagram shop on May 21 at 12 p.m. EDT.


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