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Here Are 9 Products to Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine



It’s been a tough year for everyone. A sense of underlying stress and no possibility of getting out to meet the ones we love, eat the food we love, see the art we love, or anything of the sort has kept us at high tension. Not to mention the hours of sitting down that have left us with aches and pains all over. It’s safe to say that we all deserve a bit of pampering and self-care from time to time.

There’s no universal route to self-care, though. Things that work for some don’t work for others, so it’s about finding your own zen. Whether that’s telling yourself that your life is in order by getting a barber-level shaving experience courtesy of GilletteLab’s new Heated Razor, or taking some time out to meditate and let go of the day’s stresses, self-care comes in many different forms.

So, from the aforementioned heated razor to spiritual manuals and meditation equipment, our self-care guide has something for everyone. Pick your poison, block out some me time, and care shamelessly and abundantly for yourself.

Ever had a professional shave? The precision, comfort, and all-around experience make it a luxury. Well, with a bit of initiative and a whole lot of technical prowess, GilletteLabs brings the professional feel of a hot-towel shave to your bathroom. A warming bar heats up in less than a second for distributed heat across five FlexDisc blades which offers a seriously pampering shave. Wireless charging and a sleek handle mean that you’ll want this piece on full show in your bathroom, too.

Oh, it’s probably worth investing in some blade refills while you’re at it. You’re going to want to keep using this razor.

When you look good, you feel good. Taking some time, however little, out of your busy day to introduce some self-care routines is an investment in yourself. What’s more, stress does bad things to your skin, so kill two birds with one stone and apply this light moisturizer to keep you glowing and self-indulged in the best way possible.

We don’t have enough time to begin reeling off the benefits of meditation. It might be a struggle at first, but once you start learning how to meditate you’ll be able to find a haven in even the most stressful moments. It’s essentially the kindest thing that you can do to yourself, so hop up on this Tina Frey Meditation Seat and search for your zen.

Atmosphere is everything. Whether you realize it or not, your mood is affected heavily by your environment, and that goes for all the senses. Cater to your olfactory senses with this Honeysuckle Scented Candle from Loewe. The refreshing yet deep scent is ideal for subtly filling your room and it pairs perfectly with a meditation session.

Faith in anything offers a strong, reliable foundation to deal with daily struggles. Finding a sense of connectedness with the world and its utterly unpredictable happenings is a quick way to detach from numerous stresses. This book offers a detailed view into the spiritual world of Tarot reading and it also boasts one of the best covers we’ve seen in ages.

We already told you that atmosphere is everything. Set the tone with this wireless speaker from Sonos. Despite its small size, Sonos One has the power to fill a room with clean, crisp sound quality. Whether you’re zoning out or turning up, allow Sonos One to get you there.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll no doubt hear it again: hydration is key. The benefits of drinking water are endless so we won’t even start reeling those off. What we will say is that this brown-tinted Nalgene bottle from Museum of Peace & Quiet is a self-care flex. Polish off three refills of this Nalgene every day and you’re on your way to the top tier of self-care.

At the end of a hard day, or throughout the hard day, this Tekla Bathrobe is the comforting luxury needed for a moment of solace. Cut from thick, organic cotton terry fabric, it features a shawl collar and a striped finish. It’s so good we might have to wear this one in public.

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