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4 Photographers Took Puma’s New Wild Riders to the Streets



Right on the heels of announcing the Wild Rider to the world, PUMA is back with the same shoe in an all-new red and blue colorway.

It was only earlier this month that the Wild Rider flashed onto the scene. The shoe itself is a temporal pastiche: it pays homage to PUMA’s classic retro designs while keeping a sharp eye on the future. The Wild Rider is an iteration of the Rider series that emphasizes functionality and form for the modern city dweller. Think of it as your go-to shoe for all in the ins and outs of urban life.

To celebrate its arrival, we took the shoe to the sidewalks and asked four local heroes in European cultural capitals to sport the Wild Rider and show off those new colors. The formula was simple: four photographers, four unique talents, four different cities, one slick shoe.

Check out how the newest Wild Rider takes to different settings.

Défano Holwijn took his Wild Riders for a spin with Julia Marino around Amsterdam and paired them with a color-blocked jacket. The Youtuber and rapper let the bright tones of the sneakers do most of the talking.

The new colorway blends seamlessly with the scheme of Parisian graffiti. Riadh went for a monochromatic fit that draws attention straight down to the feet.

Berlin-based model Jona Steinig went for a full-on sport look by pairing his Wild Riders with a navy tracksuit. Photographer Steffen Grap caught him hitting the pavement. The crisp shoes give the whole affair that extra zing.

From the sidewalk to the field, Harry Pinero took his Wild Riders for a spin around a London soccer park with Shane Vincent, proving that Wild Riders are just as at home in the city as they are on the pitch.

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