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Mr Porter Hosted By Dries Van Noten Is the Summer Trip You Deserve



Lockdown has been hard, there’s no way around it. The scenic monotony has huge knock-on effects on our minds, so it’s never been more important to find a form of escapism. And, as travel is still largely out of the question, escapism becomes an at-home task. Nobody knows this better than Dries Van Noten. Teaming up with Mr Porter for the inaugural ‘Hosted By…’, the Dutch designer takes us on a psychedelic journey through menswear to prove the power of escapism right now.

Hosted By Dries Van Noten marks the beginning of a series that will allow us views into the thinking, processes, and inspirations behind some of the greatest names in men’s style. Who better to kick things off than a designer who’s earned a cult following with a highly unique, technically perfect take on timeless menswear? A short video sees Van Noten explore his love of psychedelia and the importance of traveling mentally in a time when physical travel is off-limits.

An exclusive capsule collection accompanies the video, continuing the theme of tripped-out visuals which stand as Dries Van Noten’s signature. Relying on graphics, bold colors, and relaxed fits, the collection lands as a symbolic and natural fit for what’s backed to be a summer of easing restrictions on travel, but also a reminder that sometimes we needn’t even move in order to travel.

We love a new take on a classic. Dries breathes new life into the bucket hat this season with a simple cotton-terry construction. The ultimate post-swim flex.

It clashes, it’s bright, and we’re here for it. While this bold cotton number might not be too easy on the eye, it makes a serious impact and it’s definitely a highlight for spring/summer 2021.

If you can’t choose which piece from the capsule collection you want to cop, this camp-collar shirt is an easy solution. Mixing and matching the various graphics, it’s a stylish distillation of Dries’ psychedelic travels.

You thought we’d pass up on the full co-ord? Not a chance.

In most other collections, this silk shirt would be a punchy standout piece, but in Hosted By Dries Van Noten it becomes one of the more tame, toned-down aspects. An entangled palm tree graphic gives this button-down a pinch of acid style without dominating your looks.

We’re going full oversized this summer and Dries is helping us on our way with this relaxed hoodie. The green and black combination makes this one easy to integrate into the wardrobe despite the spiraling motif throughout.

In the absence of tacky postcards, a Dries Van Noten tee should do the job. Emblazoned with the always-smug “Wish you were here”, this T-shirt features a terry-cotton panel to the front for added texture.

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