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Ten Investment-Worthy Hoodies You’ll Wear Forever



When we say investment hoodies, we don’t mean dropping investment-level funds on a luxury hoodie that you wear once in a blue moon. For us, an investment hoodie is one that you can wear day in, day out which won’t just wither after a week of wear and one washing cycle. We’re talking durable, weighty constructions that don’t need to be the centerpiece of an outfit — they’re fine taking a backseat while you get on with your day. With the right hoodie, you’re covered for lazy days at home or venturing out in the cold. It’s the perfect piece of clothing right now, and that’s a real investment.

Your investment hoodie might just be a basic sweat that you get years’ worth of wear from, it could be merch that holds meaning to you, or it could just be a treat. Whatever your reason for investment, we’re firm believers in the value of a high-quality hoodie because it is — and always will be — an integral part of getting dressed. To prove our point we took to the net to round up some of the best investment hoodies around. From Maison Margiela to UNIQLO, we want to prove that there’s an investment hoodie for every reason and every budget.

If you’re asking us, our collaboration with the legendary Maison Margiela was one of 2020’s best moments. By reworking some of Margiela’s signature details, we put our own, contemporary spin on luxury and one of the central components was this pared-back, oversized hoodie complete with Margiela’s four unmistakable stitches to the front and back label.

Basically, anything with the Raf Simons name on it counts as an investment. The man will no doubt go down in the history of fashion as one of the greatest to ever do it, and who are we to argue with that when he’s offering effortless style by securing the hood with a massive safety pin.

Carhartt has just been doing its trustworthy thing for well over a century, so copping a Carhartt WIP hoodie in an understated Heather grey colorway is about as sure as investments come. You’ll get years of wear out of it, and it’s not going out of style any time soon.

UNIQLO perfectly exemplifies our point about investments coming in different packages. At less than 40 bucks, this Ultra Stretch Dry Sweat Pullover is an investment because of its versatility. It styles well with everything and you don’t need to be careful about beating it because, well, it’s less than 40 bucks…

Jil Sander is, of course, on the luxurious end of investment hoodies, but while some look to grand detailing and loud prints to show their luxury, this piece strips things back to basics. The focus is placed on a split hood, striking boxy fit, and pure cotton canvas construction for a super durable finish.

In years we’ll look back at this period as the years when fashion became conscious, and several labels will stand out. One such label is Story mfg. whose collection is made up of organic materials, natural dyes, and strong graphics to lead. The Bloom hoodie is cut from organic cotton jersey and is red with babul bark. Hand embroidery details the printed front to set this piece apart from the crowd.

Mid-weight pure cotton gives the Villain Hoodie by John Elliot a satisfying weight which is an essential aspect of an investment hoodie for us. Silver-tone hardware complements the khaki palette which is timeless and easy to style.

Sometimes the best investment pieces can’t be found at retail. Cactus Plant Flea Market commemorated the launch of Kanye’s Jesus is King album with this boxy piece, making it a definitive investment hoodie. “If ‘Ye can, we can”.

Kapital’s iconic collections are founded upon high-quality ideals. The production process becomes an art, with second-to-none materials and processes leading to a final product worth investment. This pure cotton hoodie features the label’s signature smiley motif to the front.

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