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Monster Vision Portable Video Entertainment System Review



First let me start by saying that never have I thought of a device that i haven’t thought of that of, that I needed, that I finally found, that I feel as if I’ve always needed that I’ve never thought of and longed to find and this is it !!! When I first saw this on display at Sam’s Club I can honestly say that it did it NO JUSTICE at all in my opinion. I usually take pictures of things that I want to buy and here is that picture below.

Powered off seems cool but on display next to ION products gave me some skepticism of quality.

So on my initial trip to Sam’s Club I didn’t purchase it, I ended up buying the ION Battery Projector and the Monster Rockin Roller 270. 🤦🏽‍♂️ My Mistake to the fullest for purchasing the projector. My expectations was too high I guess but what should of I expected for a $119. I wanted something that I could use while I’m working in Trap House/Office/Guest House Rec Center while it’s under construction. As you can see in the image below the image does appear but it’s not bright or vibrant.

I ended up returning it and purchased the Monster Vision from Sam’s Club and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. It’s everything you’d think of as far as a boom box, going to be honest the sound quality for music is great but it is not the Rockin Roller 270 you have to take the device for what it is and that in my opinion it is an excellent display with more than acceptable battery life for a 15.4” 1080p display.

I forgot to get product picture of the Monster Vision but this image will make sense in a second

While out staking my bales of hay and clearing overgrown trees from my land in the Midwest the Monster Vision came as a great companion along the cultivation of my land. I was able to pop a Roku Express Device in their and streamed ATT Now while i was outside working and I enjoyed it. I sat around the campfire as I burned the timber with the Monster Vision. Out of the box I ran it for about 6 hours (7pm – 1am). I actually feel asleep on the floor with it when i brought it in and layed down for a moment and I woke up around 4am. So after the 1am mark i am unsure when it died. But I charged it back up and took it around the house like it’s apart of my life now.

I ended up buying two of them, one for my home in the Midwest and when I flew back to California I tracked one down at a Sam’s Club 20 miles away from me. I love the fact that I can go sit out at the park or at the beach and take my favorite streaming apps with me. I pair it to my unlimited hotspot wifi and I’m more than good for a days adventure.

I will update you all on my adventures with the Monster products while in both the Midwest and on the West Coast and see how it can keep up while on an adventure with Travis around town, thru the city by the ocean and down by the river.

* Monster did not pay me to write this review. All products in this article was paid by me.

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