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This Art Fundraiser Is Helping Preserve the Amazon Rainforest



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The Rainforest Foundation has introduced a new nonprofit organization by the name of UNITY, which is bringing together nearly 50 leading artist to help raise money to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. Through the art fundraiser, supporters have the opportunity to aid the Rainforest Foundation as it aims to eliminate deforestation, assist forest communities in gaining land rights, support them in challenging logging companies, and assisting them in managing their forests and protecting their environment.

Artists contributing to the initiative include Rineke Dijkstra, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Liz Johnson Artur, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tacita Dean, and many other talented individuals from all over the world, as each participant has contributed a piece that reflects their personal relationship to nature, trees, and forests.

Posters and prints — priced at $50 and $125, respectively — are available for purchase, with all proceeds going directly to the Rainforest Foundation during a time (2020) when the Amazon Environmental Research Institute predicts we will see the largest number of recorded fires in the rainforest to date. Researchers also suggest that the current rate of deforestation will translate to a complete ecosystem collapse within our lifetimes. UNITY pledges to work with indigenous communities and indigenous-led organizations in Central and South America to help protect such ancestral lands from intrusion by the modern world.

You can learn more about the UNITY fundraiser and purchase posters and prints here.

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