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Dedication To My Mother Rest In Peace Olga McMath



Olga Denise McMath
September 15th, 1957 – February 25th 9:57pm

“When tomorrow starts without me don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart “

Love – mommy

This is the post I’ve never wanted to post on DopeShxtDaily, the passing of my Mother Olga Denise McMath. The original curator of greatness, the definition of phenomenal and determination. She taught me what love is and how to love properly. Her professional title was actually Child Care Specialist so with that being said as a child I was loved by a person that spent her life learning how to care and applying that to me. What a blessing. She loved me and I feel that immensely even in her afterlife. Thankful beyond grateful to be a product of this woman, her upbringing, her discipline, her education all of that spewed into me, and for that, I get emotional to know what all a person has done for me and what a legacy I have to continue.

She actually gave me life TWICE. When I was Ten years old I was diagnosed with Cerebral Ataxia . She fought for me to be the walking, talking, independent man that I am today. If it was not for her I would not be anything near what I am right now. When all faith was lost against me she fought. My Mother was truly a warrior and a force, she got her point across with knowledge and a few choice words. She took the approach of if she didn’t understand something she’d take the time to learn about it so she can’t be mad about it. A very understanding person, faith based, spiritually lead on instinct.

When it comes to the outer world emotional aspect of my mother’s passing I have to be unselfish. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and it began taking a major toll on her quickly. Painful to say the least to watch, she didn’t want me to see her in that state. I surprised her for her birthday in September of 2019 and the day before her birthday I took her to the hospital because she wasn’t looking too healthy then and doctors found NOTHING just said she was low on potassium and she ran with that information and didn’t care to follow up. Deep down inside I feel as if she knew something deeper was going on and she didn’t want to put herself and everyone through the pain of it.

On the inner world of my emotions, I’ve lost my best friend, the best therapist, the one that truly knows me best. She could get me off of the highest horse and bring me back from the farthest I’ve ever been lost. That is what I am going to miss. She still serves her purpose from a higher position now. My spiritual senses have been more intuned as of her passing. The wind feels huggier, I love being outside around plants and natural life. My mother to me was grounded very earth-like.

I found a letter that she left that’s title “I Didn’t Die”, I’m going, to be honest, I laughed because she left me with an understanding of what a life well-lived is all about. She accomplished so much, I first hand saw her come up from being a single mother paying for everything in cash renting, working multiple jobs going to school to getting a good job with benefits, building her credit, purchasing a home, getting more degree’s, doing whatever she wanted when she wanted. You couldn’t tell her shxt, she did it her way and she let you know that you not gone stop her. That is what I celebrate.

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