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I Need Help … w/DopeShxtDaily



Since I am posting this from my author account instead of the typical DopeShxtDaily it goes without to say that yes “Travis needs help” that is an obvious for anyone that knows Travis personally. But we are not here to talk about Travis and his various problems. The help that I am referring to is with DopeShxtDaily. Yes This is a casting call for those that are creative with the keyboard. I am looking for creative writers who can make DopeShxt a little more Daily. This is not a hard casting call by any means it as actually quite simple to be honest. If you can compose an email well then you can be an author for DopeShxtDaily.

Take a look around the website and let me know where you fit in. I am not looking for a specific person to fill a position. The right person will fill their own position. The website has many little sub sections its a blog, the blog has sections. If you like fashion and want to become a journalist this is an opportunity for you. If you are interested in new music and like being on top of the latest music and want to contribute to DopeShxtDaily that is another position.

The one position that is not available for the website is Food critique that role is filled. He goes to various establishments and pays for his meals at full price and then writes a review based on his experience. If his experience is positive he has reported that he has received free or discounted meals in the future at the establishment just by posting on DopeShxtDaily !! How cool is that.

DopeShxtDaily is a honesty based company and we are going to be honest with you at this time this is not a paid position … BUT those that have put in effort and have shown positive interest and equity in the blog will be first in place to receive some form of compensation when the website begins to generate more revenue .. and that is my promise. For those that are interested please email me at and make the subject “Replying to DopeShxtDaily look for help – First Name, Last Name” look forward to reaching out to you all and seeing how we can integrate and expand.

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