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Morning Mix December 21st, 2019



I’ve always wanted to share a morning mix. When I wake up in the morning I am full of energy, ready to get the day started, lets shower turn on some music and the news ad lets go. The amount of energy I have is also thanks to some edm music in the morning as well as a few songs that are stuck in my head. Below are 7 tracks that I listened to this morning.

EYes off you m -22, arlissa & kiana lede
panic room (club mix)
graveyard (axwell remix)
rabbit hole
make luv

Let me know what ya’ll think of this lil line up that I have here. Your neighbors may hate if you, but live your best life young kings and queens. Get that blood flowing, get clean and stay in a positive mindset. This is my morning today so you can pretty much see where my heart rate is at and it’s only 7:10am. I am trying my best to do this dopeshxtdaily let me know if you are enjoying the content, share, like, comment, subscribe, purchase, support, donate … help a blogging brotha out do something lol.

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