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The Boiling Crab – Burbank



Recently me and my friend had a mama’s day; you know a day where you take your mom out with your friends and the mothers get to talk about how horrible of kids we were. On this adventure we chose The Boiling Crab located in Burbank. We originally had plans to go a place called Corn And Crab but on another one of our adventures we encountered fruit flies and didn’t want to deal with testing to see if the bugs are gone or not so we came up with this option.

It’s one of those bag of seafood type of places that put the corn, potatoes and sausage in the bag with their selected choices of seasonings. I picked the one that was a mixture of everything and I can’t complain about the mixture, kind of spicy but not like ohhh shit this is hot.

I wish I would of gotten a picture of the food 😰 but we ate it all. Not every time that I go a restaurant are my intentions to review it but when I do I feel as if there is something about my experience or the food itself that keeps me craving more and hopefully coming back.

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