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LA Auto Show 2019



Each and every year the auto show has came to Los Ángeles in the past years I’ve always missed it. Typically dealing with friends trying to gather people up to go to events can be a bit overwhelming so this year I tackled the auto show by my lonesome. Had a blast !

For those that don’t like being sold something and want to see something without being pressured into buying it well the Los Ángeles Auto Show is the perfect place for you. Now you will have the urge to do a little fighting with kids to sit in the driver seat of that new Mercedes, but you’ll find that those kids are just us before we became who we are today driving our fancy schmancy sports cars that we once sat in at the auto show at that age. It is most certainly family friendly.

While I’m currently trying to not want more than I need I did fall in love with the 2020 Audi Line Up as well as the 2020 Corvette. To begin with the Audi Line up I am a big fan of the new ETRON full electric vehicle and the RSQ8. When it comes to what I need, I need to decrease my spending at the gas station, what I want is a fire breathing all wheel drive monster that is confident and capable.

The 2020 Corvette is the latest of my wants, it sold itself to me. I watched the little presentation and the lady said something like “affordable $65k” …. then a little voice in my head said “get it”. I told that little voice that what i need is a truck, the little voice told me “So”. I’ll keep you updated on my conversation with the little voice but let’s get back to the corvette. It is Nice !! The new mid engine design gives it this oh my gosh really now look.

Will update with more images when I’m back at the desktop

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