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The Life Of Travis – First YouTube Blog



In my recent search for meaning and purpose of life I’ve decided to start a YouTube Channel and see how that goes. I am not interested in gaining fame, I want to be able to live my life while doing so that has been one of the major reasons I have been against promoting myself personally on social media. I have not had a want or interested in gaining followers, fans, listeners or subscribers I’ve only been focused on living my best life if someone likes it they like it if they don’t, they don’t.

When it comes to sharing links, I am only share them once. I am not the guy with a Mixtape even tho I have plenty. I do what I do because I truly enjoy expressing myself whether its a song, a website, a painting … I just like getting my ideas out of my head. When I began making The Life Of Travis YouTube video it felt natural and I had a great time will doing so. I only shared the link once and after thinking about that’s not YouTuber’s do YouTube so I’ve decided to share the link multiple times and see how that goes. I’ve also decided to update DopeShxtDaily and respond to a few emails too.

In The Life of Travis ya’ll are going to have to be patient, I am not promising anything I would appreciate it if you followed my YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and in the near future I may ask you to subscribe to my if ya’ll tryna see something 😉 (food not nudes) .

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