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Beastie Boys Release Digital Deluxe Version of ’To the 5 Boroughs’ With 12 New Tracks



It’s been 15 years since the Beastie Boys dropped To the 5 Boroughs. To commemorate the milestone, the surviving members have released a digital deluxe version of the album. It includes 12 new tracks in addition to the original 15 on the album.

You might have come across the supplementary tracks as B-sides on singles. According to Rolling Stone, for example, “Rizzle Rizzle Nizzle Nizzle” and Just Blaze’s remix of “Ch-Check It Out” were, until now, only available on the global singles for “Right Right Now Now” and “An Open Letter to NYC.” Now, they’re all available together on the digital deluxe album. Take a listen below.

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.

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