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Samsung Is Working on a Phone That Projects ‘Star Wars’-Like Holograms



According to a patent filed by Samsung, the tech giant is working on a new smartphone device that can project holographic images that float on the screen and can be viewed at any angle without the need of any type of 3D glasses.

The short description of the purported tech immediately recalls the holograms prominently featured in the Star Wars films franchise. Samsung’s patent suggests that the device will use a “spatial light modulator” display to project the holographic image. The image will reportedly appear directly on the front of the phone and be viewable from any angle, just like in the movies.

However, as patents tend to suggest, it’s unclear how far the tech giant is from actually implementing the new technology into its production line. For more on the story, head on over to Let’s Go Digital now.

Just last month, Samsung revealed its foldable smartphone that could cost a jaw dropping $1,700. The device, dubbed as the “Infinity Flex Display,” is touted by Samsung as “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow.” While, it’s still regarded as a prototype, the unit’s clamshell design boasts a 4.5-inch external screen for use while folded and an interior, tablet-sized 7.3-inch screen when opened flat. Samsung has teased this concept for years, as we saw in this concept mock-up video published in 2013, with production expected to occur in 2019. That unveiling only indicates and perhaps solidifies that this patented holographic tech may come to fruition in the very near future.

For additional details on the foldable phone, click here.

Renz Ofiaza is a Staff Writer at Highsnobiety and based in Brooklyn.

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