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Apple’s New AirPods Could Feature Wireless Charging & Radical New Design



Apple is preparing to release new AirPods with wireless charging support, according to an analysis seen by AppleInsider.

AppleInsider’s report cites a note by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which suggests that wireless charging, a revised W-series chip, and upgraded Bluetooth specifications will all be included in the new AirPods slated for release in January next year.

As the report points out, Kuo was one of the first analysts to get details about the first AirPods correct but has made a few notable missteps. Late last year, Kuo said an improved model would debut in the second half of 2018, only for it not to materialize. Kuo also says AirPods with an “all-new design” could arrive in 2020.

Kuo’s note was followed by a new Apple patent, first spotted by 9to5Mac, that suggests the new AirPods will have an updated, better-fitting earbud design with biometric sensors and would also improve noise cancelation.

The patent is full of technical jargon, but refers to “earbuds configured with one or more biometric sensors” and symmetrical earbuds for use in either ear (rather than having one for each specific ear):

“At least one of the biometric sensors is configured to be pressed up against a portion of the tragus for making biometric measurements. In some embodiments, the housing of the earbud can be symmetric so that the earbud can be worn interchangeably in either a left or a right ear of a user. In such an embodiment, the earbud can include a sensor and circuitry configured to determine and alter operation of the earbud in accordance to which ear the earbud is determined to be sitting in.”

You can read the full patent here. Stay tuned for more information.

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Daniel is the editor of Highsnobiety Life. He grew up in north of England and is now based in Berlin.

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