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Bobby Brown Says Drake Has His Blessing Over Pusha-T & Kanye West’s “Disgusting” Daytona Cover: “He Needs Somebody To Slap Him Up”




R&B veteran Bobby Brown probably doesn’t have Daytona in steady rotation right about now. The crooner has called out Pusha-T for choosing his ex-wife Whitney Houston‘s bathroom counter littered with drugs as his new LP’s cover art.

In a new interview, BB didn’t hold back on his disgust with Pusha’s artistic decision.

“Why would he post that on his album cover?” “That’s really disgusting that he would do that,” Brown added. “That’s in really bad taste. Something should happen to Kanye. He’s already crazy. I knew that when I first met him. Now he’s pushing the bar a little bit. He needs somebody to slap him up or something. And I’m just the person to do it.” (Rolling Stone)

Earlier this week, the Whitney Houston’s estate issued a statement about the Daytona artwork.

In an exclusive statement to ET’s Kevin Frazier, the estate of the late singer says they are “extremely disappointed in Kanye’s choice” to use a photo of Houston’s drug-filled bathroom as the cover of Pusha T’s new album, DAYTONA, which dropped last Friday. “Even in Whitney’s death, we see that no one is exempt from the harsh realities of the world,” the statement continues. (ET)

Last week, the album’s executive producer Kanye West made jaws drop by putting out the shocking cover.


In a recent interview, King Push explained how Yeezy pushed for the controversial image.

“He wasn’t feeling [the initial cover]. [Originally], the artwork, it was pictures that we all agreed on. He picked the photographer, I took these pictures, I was like, ‘Yo, these are fresh.’ I picked all of these pictures out, he had a little edit to it, how he wanted the actual grading of the picture to look. Picked the picture, great, we look, boom, boom, boom, it’s good. … One a.m., my phone rings. No caller ID. [Kanye says], ‘Hey, yeah, I think we should change the artwork.’ And, ‘I like this other artwork. And this other artwork is 85 grand,’ – I said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to pay for that, and I wasn’t even going to ask you to pay for that.’ We picked what we picked, it’s here, it’s ready. ‘No, this is what people need to see to go along with this music. Imma pay for that.’ I say, ‘You my man! You my man!’ I love it, I actually do love it. [But] I absolutely did not want to pay for it.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)