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Elon Musk Photographs the Tesla Roadster His SpaceX Rocket Will Send Past Mars



Elon Musk took to Instagram recently to unveil photos of his personal Tesla Roadster that he plans to send to space.

As the SpaceX founder announced several weeks ago, the company’s Falcon Heavy rocket will include a payload consisting of Musk’s 250mph Tesla Roadster once the rocket is ready to launch — which could be very soon.

The Roadster, which has left other super cars in the dust, going from 0 to 60mph in 1.9 seconds, is pictured here between two halves of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The SpaceX rocket is supposed to be the most powerful in the world, as it flaunts three combined boosters. Such a construction has led Musk to admit that the rocket could explode due to the sheer power of its boosters.

So, instead of sending humans or valuable payloads in the rocket, Musk intends to send his Tesla Roadster into space and past Mars. Conventional dummy payloads are “too boring,” according to the Tesla and SpaceX founder.

Check out the images above and get hyped for the future launch with more exciting images below.

In other news, SpaceX’s latest rocket launch had people in LA freaking out.

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