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iPhone X Is Having Serious Problems With Crackling Speakers



With every new iPhone release, there tends to be a small problem with the device, as the latest is a limited but increasing number of iPhone X owners reporting on Reddit and Macrumors, claiming to be experiencing “crackling” or “buzzing” noises originating from the front-facing earpiece speaker when adjusted to the highest volume setting.

Users with affected devices say that the sounds occur with any kind of audio playback, including phone calls, music, videos with sound, alarms, and ringtones. In addition, the issue isn’t limited to any specific iPhone X configuration or iOS version.

Interestingly, Apple fixed a software flaw that produced crackles on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus weeks earlier and if it’s a related issue, Apple could essentially fix the problem with a software update.

However, those who contacted the company regarding the problem were offered iPhone X replacements free of charge, as Apple is also collecting diagnostic information so that its engineers can further investigate the matter.

Other than this tiny issue, here’s how simple it is to hack the iPhone X’s Face ID.