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You Can Now Sit on a $100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet



In case you were ever wondering what it’d be like to sit on a golden toilet made of Louis Vuitton bags, here’s your chance. Artist Illma Gore spent three months making a luxe can using 24 bags worth a grand total of $15,000. And the result? Surely one of the world’s most valuable toilets, right up there with Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain.

According to Vogue, materials for the work were found on designer resale site Tradesy, with the toilet now on display at the Tradesy showroom in Santa Monica, California. Best of all, you can even cop this potty if you’ve got a lazy $100,000 set aside for bathroom renovations.

While the deluxe throne is yet to be sat on, Gore said that “many have offered.”

In other news, Supreme’s insane FW17 accessories include an electric guitar, clippers and chopsticks.

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