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Instagram Is Expected to Reach One Billion Users in 2018



When Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, it had 30 million users. Five years later, in September 2017, Instagram announced 800 million monthly active and 500 million daily active users.

Now, according to Mediakix growth projections, Instagram is expected to hit 1 billion users by January 5, 2018. This will make it Facebook’s fourth platform to reach the three comma club after Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Mediakix calculated Instagram’s user growth by looking at patterns between Instagram’s monthly user count and the time it took for the photo-sharing platform to reach each milestone.

Of course, this assumes that Instagram will continue to grow at the same rate and that Facebook’s user base of 2 billion can further be converted into Instagram users.

In related news, Instagram keeps expanding its Stories feature to kill off Snapchat.

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