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This App Lets You Invest in the Classic Cars You Dream of Owning



Rally Rd. is a first-of-its-kind marketplace for making investments in collector cars the same way you buy and sell stock, suited for all income levels. Utilizing blue-chip collector cars as the initial investable asset class with many more to come, Rally Rd. allows investors to create a portfolio of equity shares in individual collectible vehicles.

While auction houses and private dealer networks have created an access lane for a small, well-connected minority, this new platform provides sellers with a unique opportunity to liquidate their asset to thousands of investors instead of trying to find a single perfect buyer, but without the 10-20% auction premiums or broker fees.

Starting Friday, November 10, the company will be launching its newest iteration of the Rally Rd. app, where through its network of private collectors, automotive historians, premier dealers and auction houses, it identifies and securitizes limited production vehicles with historical and cultural significance, as well as documented record of ownership.

Members will get to see every piece of documentation associated with an asset, view each angle, chat with others about the market, and make informed investment decisions with the help of interactive price charts, comparable transaction values and expert opinions.

For more about Rally Rd. you can visit the official website here.

In other car-related news, Porsche is launching a Netflix-like service for its cars.

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