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Instagram’s Latest Stories Feature Bites Snapchat’s “Memories” in New Update



With Snapchat struggling to keep up, Instagram has landed yet another blow in the fight for “Story supremacy” by doing what it does best and introducing a feature Snapchat has had all along.

This time, Instagram has launched a feature to rival Snapchat’s “Memories”, which will allow users to upload photos that are more than 24 hours old to their IG stories.

Photos older than 24 hours will now come with a date sticker when added to an Instagram story. The date sticker can be resized, rotated, and moved – or binned entirely.

It’s a welcome move for the millions using Instagram Stories daily who wanted more flexibility with what could get posted to Stories, while Snapchat fans will take solace in the fact that they’ve had the feature since June 2016.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, wants you to share your nudes on Messenger to fight revenge porn.

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