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Moleskine’s Smart Planner Digitizes Your Notes for You



While organizing your “To Do” list on paper can quite get messy, Moleskine has created an innovative product with the the Smart Planner, as it instantly digitizes appointments or notes written on paper, syncing them to online calendars and devices both on Android and iOS.

Taking cues from classic Moleskine black notebooks used by artists, writers and professionals, the Smart Planner is the latest addition to the brand’s Smart Writing Set, a system made up of a specially designed Paper Tablet notebook, smart Pen+ and Moleskine Notes companion app that only works in tandem.

In terms of the planner’s functionality, an invisible grid made with special Ncode technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence is embedded within each page of the Smart Planner. Thanks to this grid, the Moleskine Notes companion app is able to recognize and sync anything that is written by the Pen+, from appointments to notes and sketches.

Additionally, it’s now possible to digitally edit and share handwritten notes and drawings made on paper in real-time without taking photos, uploading files, or scanning documents.

With the Smart Writing Set (Paper Tablet and Pen+) priced at $199 USD, The Smart Planner can be purchased separately for $29.95 at Molekine’s website.