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iPhone X Sales Increased Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Net Worth by $34 Million



Apple’s flagship iPhone X finally made its in-store debut last Friday and those lucky enough to get their hands on the ultra-limited device contributed to a reported $34 million bump in Apple CEO Tim Cook’s net worth.

According to Time Money, strong iPhone X sales played a part in Tim Cook seeing his net worth increase which, as of Friday, stood at $666,497,782.

Cook’s net worth is calculated based on his stakes in Apple and Nike, where he serves as the lead independent director, and, because Apple stock was briefly at an all-time high of $174.10 following the in-store launch of the iPhone X on Friday, his net worth spiked accordingly.

The spike in Apple stock also meant that Apple was briefly the first $900 billion U.S. company, before the stock closed at $172.50 on Friday.

Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet sold like hotcakes, with many camping out to secure a device on launch day.