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Here’s What Watching Movies on a ’90s Phone Looks Like



In 2017 there are a ton of things we take for granted, for example, busting out our iPhones to watch a quick clip on YouTube, or even a full fledge movie. However, 20 years ago that was pretty much impossible.

Now thanks to YouTuber Science Nurd, we get a look at what it would have been like to watch a flick on the Nokia 5110 back in 1998. No, this wasn’t doable 20 years ago, but Science Nurd connected the phone’s 84×48-pixel monochrome LCD screen to an Arduino to get a proper frame rate, thus bring a Spider Man film to the tiny device.

You’ll feel like you’re watching something prehistoric, especially when glancing down at your iPhone in between. But to get a feel for what watching a movie on your mobile phone would have been like a couple of decades ago, press play above.

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