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Google Pixel 2 & Boiler Room Is Bringing You Artificial Intelligence Like You’ve Never Seen Before



Google’s flagship phone, the Pixel 2, went on widespread release last week. With strong reviews all round for its slick design and seamless incorporation of AI tech, the smartphone is one of the leading next gen devices where AI is seamlessly slotted into our everyday processes.

To highlight these features, the tech giant created an AI adventure playground known as the Sci-Fi Super Mall. Exploring some of the AI features of the phone–like the intelligent Google Lens Camera or the Google Assistant–in a huge former brewery space in Berlin, the experience will see people physically interacting with Pixel 2 features.

For the occasion, Google Pixel 2 teamed up with Boiler Room to create an experiment at the intersection of AI and Music.

The pair have created Pixel Records, a fictitious music label, allowing you to become part of an algorithmically made piece of music. The AI mixes your sound snippets and fuses them with the track. The end result is sent back to you and can become a part of the music orchestra piece (available later on).

That’s what Google Pixel 2 is all about – giving you not just thoughtfully designed hardware and software but also state-of-the-art AI to go beyond the average smartphone experience.

A full video recap and review is on the way, but in the mean time check out the experience and get involved with Pixel Records here.

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