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Google Taps Artist Jason Woodside for Exclusive Los Angeles Pop-Up



Amidst the arrival of the iPhone X, Google’s Pixel 2 has been a well-received smartphone as well with its Active Edge feature, thin bezels, improved camera and more.

To celebrate, the tech company has opened pop-up retail spaces across the nation so customers can experience or purchase the device, and the featured gallery above is particularly located in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Google has tapped NYC artist Jason Woodside, known for his large-scale, graphic murals of color-saturated, patterned motifs that are prominent in New York, Paris and Sydney, in addition to collabs with colette, adidas and others.

Woodside has created a custom vinyl that covers the entire exterior of the LA Pop-up, as well as creating a limited edition digital canvas that can be printed on Google Live Cases (a customizable phone case), or you can downloaded it as a wallpaper on your Pixel Phone too for $40 USD.

When asked how technology and social media plays into his practice, Woodside shared something very insightful.

“When I first started out, creating and making things with my hands was my focus. Over time, considering my love for city culture and skateboarding I was able to find my voice with the use of paints and spray paint. Generally, all of my work starts in my studio experimenting with much smaller scale works on canvas and panels. Even now that I’m doing multiple projects all over the world, most of the time much larger scale, I mostly use chalk and yard sticks! None of the works are planned in anyway as I like to consider the surroundings and local culture. Social media is a nice vehicle to bring visibility to my projects.

Street art was initially a passion project that I imagined being enjoyed by passerby’s, but now a person can instantly broadcast that image to a huge network online. I don’t design with social media in mind, but the bright colors and graphic elements in my work mesh well with the medium.”

For more details about the new Google Pixel 2, read our roundup here.

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