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Here Are 8 Hidden iOS 11 Features That Will Make You Upgrade



After its announcement in June during Apple’s WWDC keynote, Apple has officially released iOS 11 today, the newest operating system designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.

The update is available on the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, the iPad Air and later, and the 6th-generation iPod touch, bringing a refreshed look and feel to the OS that introduces subtle design changes to interface elements like a new experience for the lock screen and the control center, revamped icons and more.

While the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X will come pre-loaded with iOS 11, here’s eight new features that are hidden within the operating system that will tempt you to update immediately.

1. Dark Mode

You can toggle your screen settings to invert the colors on your display, so it isn’t so much of an eye strain.

2. Make messages “echo”

Animated messages was introduced in iOS 10, but a new one, called “echo,” will send your message zooming around your screen. There’s also another animation, called “spotlight.”

3. One-handed keyboard

The keyboard is grouped over to one side of the screen to make it easier to type with just one hand. Also works for lefties.

4. Do not disturb while driving

Your iPhone will automatically detect if you’re in a moving car and block all incoming notifications. (You’ll receive them once you park.)

5. Screenshot editing

Allows you to immediately click to the screenshot thumbnail and edit it without exiting the app you originally took the screenshot in. You can doodle on it, write on it, crop, zoom, etc.

6. You can record your screen

If you need to record a video of your screen, and not just take a screen grab, that functionality will be available in your iPhone’s control center.

7. Share your wifi with nearby people

In iOS 11, you can ask to have the wifi password shared with you the same way you’d use AirDrop. If you’re on the receiving end, your password will be shared securely with your contact and input automatically.

8. Indoor Maps

Directions for the insides of big buildings like malls and airports are now implemented into Apple Maps.

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