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Chance The Rapper Loves Kanye West’s “Bleached A**hole” Line: “I Was Trying To Push That Sh*t” [Video]



Grammy-winning rapper Chance The Rapper recently talked about his relationship with Kanye West. Specifically, the Chicago native discussed Ye’s standout “bleached a**hole” line off The Life Of Pablo.

In a new interview, Chance said he intentionally pushed Ye to keep the dicey line on his “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”

“The last time I saw Kanye West, my daughter was hanging out with his son, so, I don’t care about his political affiliations, I wouldn’t bring up Donald Trump. The bleached a**hole I do care about and I do care about it in terms of, I was trying to push that sh*t. When the song plays, people don’t sing the Kid Cudi part that loud. People don’t sing any part of that song as loud as they sing, ‘Now if f*ck this model, and she just bleached her a**hole.’ Like, that’s what people say super loud. Super loud. He didn’t make that up. He didn’t invent that trend.” (Hot 97)