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Jessica Biel Opens Up About Justin Timberlake, Son Silas and The Sinner



Jessica Biel attended the The Sinner premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Tuesday, and she had one thing on her mind: family.

The 35-year-old starlet opened up to E! News about support from her husband Justin Timberlake as she took on the dark role for her new USA show The Sinner. “He supported me from the very beginning,” said Jessica. “He’s excited because I’m excited.”

Jessica said Justin has been a “wonderful partner” every step of the way. Although the series shows Jessica taking on a darker role, the actress and executive producer said Justin was very understanding of the process, because he’s an actor, too. “That’s what we do,” she said. “He’s been a great partner in all of it.”

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Justin wasn’t the only one Jessica gushed about on the red carpet. She also lit-up while talking about her son, Silas Timberlake. The actress said being a mother has made her more empathetic in her everyday life and more “openhearted” when it comes to her work.

“I don’t know if that sounds kind of goofy,” said Jessica. “I just feel like I’m always ready for anything and everything at this point.”

Motherhood “informs everything in your life,” she added. “I’m more emotional, more sensitive, more everything to the world.”

Jessica also said compassion and patience are two key elements she picked up from motherhood that have helped shape her professional career.

Silas, who just celebrated his second birthday Apr. 8, was recently praised by Vogue for having the “best man bun in the game.”

“He does have a good man bun,” Jessica laughed after hearing out about her son’s trendy claim to fame. “He has a very epically good man bun.”

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