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Art Comes First & Fred Perry Debut Short Film That Proves Punk is for All



Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert, the meticulously black-clothing-favoring duo behind Art Comes First, squared up to launch a second run of their Fred Perry collaboration in true “sartorial alchemist” form. Ahead of the collection, which releases February 4, they tapped creative director Harris Elliott to help conceptualize and style a video inspired by ACF’s unique hybrid of punk, mod and Jamaican rudeboy influences.

The project offers a further nod to ACF’s musical influences through its soundtrack, which features Libertines drummer Gary Powell alongside musician Suren Seneviratne. Speaking over the pleasant din of drum clammer, Maidoh and Lambert reflect on how growing up in the cosmopolitan belly of London exposed them to the various subcultures they translate into their work.

The Perry collaboration in particular aims to borrow the language of the punk movement and the sartorial traditions of rudeboy culture and combine them to create a modern new aesthetic. “Tradition, inheritance, nothing is new under the sun. We study what was done before us so that it can inspire the future. It’s the 360 circle of creativity,” said the duo of the collaboration.

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