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Experience UA PURSUIT on the Streets of Toronto Through the Lens of Ryan Millier



Under Armour isn’t just about athletic gear, it’s a brand with innovation at its core. In the pursuit of crafting durable footwear and outerwear that can deal with the demands of modern-day city life, Under Armour has introduced the UA PURSUIT Carbon Pack. With a collection of highly-functional gear—including the Fat Tire Onda and Fat Tire Mid—we’ve tapped five photographers in five major cities to show how truly versatile this new Under Armour series is.

Plumbing the depths (of field), Ryan Millier’s work feels almost introspective. As a globe-traveling urban photographer, Millier has an uncanny ability to capture the flavor of an environment within a single frame. He often crafts images that make individual moments feel expansive, or transform massive urban jungles into incredibly intimate spaces. Millier’s take on Toronto exudes a chilly grit that the Canadian city has become famous for, which makes sense, considering it’s his hometown.

But like many of his native Torontonians, Millier is a multi-talented creative, with notoriety in both music and photography. He’s also the co-founder of Esthetic Label, a brand specializing in photographic tools and filters primed for the modern photographer. But even with his success, he’s not one to turn on the social media platforms that helped him grow his following. “Social media helped me find inspiration at the beginning and gave me a platform to start my career,” admits Millier. “A lot of people talk down on Instagram, but I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am in photography without it.”

With a diverse flow of influences that’s as varied as the cities and subjects on his feed, it’s not surprising that Millier’s photography feels multidimensional. Like Millier himself, if you want to experience the full picture, you’ll be rewarded if you stick around for a second look.

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