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Here’s Your Best Look Yet at PUMA’s Auto-Lacing Autodisc Sneaker



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As Nike prepares to start selling its futuristic sneaker, the HyperAdapt, on November 20, it’s easy to forget that PUMA has also been working on an auto-lacing sneaker of its own. The PUMA Autodisc was first unveiled back in late 2015 and was seeded out to athletes like Usain Bolt and Rickie Fowler way before the HyperAdapt. Now it appears closer to hitting stores and, thanks to Engadget, we can take our best look yet at the innovative shoe.

The Autodiscs come with a built-in motor that loosens or tightens hidden laces wrapped around the front part of the foot. They can be tightened or loosened using the button of the shoe, or in the accompanying smartphone app. Aside from giving slobs an easy ride when it comes to bending down to tie their laces, it will also minimize hassle for athletes who frequently have to retighten their laces on the track for optimum feel and performance.

According to Engadget staff, who were lucky enough to actually try them on, the Autodiscs have a few advantages over Nike’s HyperAdapt: “One is that the motors are embedded in the tongues instead of beneath the soles, thus allowing the Autodisc to flex more like ordinary sneakers. Second, the HyperAdapt lacks smartphone connectivity whereas the Autodisc lets you jump straight to your desired tightness for each shoe (the tightness is offered in three levels) as well as monitor its battery levels.”

Check out the video below, and then head over to Engadget to read the full review.

In other sneaker news, VLONE and Nike’s Air Force 1 is rumored to be releasing very soon.

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