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Here’s What the Team at London Retailer LN-CC Is Wearing Right Now



Open to experimentation, unafraid of change, London’s LN-CC, Late Night Chameleon Cafe, has undergone multiple shifts across its short life span. Founded in 2010, changing shape along the way, the “progressive lifestyle retailer” quickly established itself as the go-to store for both big name luxury labels and those newcomers at the more off-beat end of the scale.

After a recent visit, we decided to photograph the LN-CC crew to see what brands they’re currently vibing. Check out the team’s stylish getups below, then be sure to see what the guys at LA hotspot, Wild Style, are rocking.

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Name: Cristian Musardo
Occupation: CEO
Brands: Lanvin, Aiezen
Instagram: @cristianmusardo

Name: Xiao Xiao Yu
Occupation: Creative & Buying Director – Conscious Collection
Brands: Eckhaus Latta, STORY mfg., Marvielab, Lunge
Instagram: @xxiiaaooooaaiixx

Name: Caitlin Curran
Occupation: Online Stylist
Brands: J.W. Anderson, Wales Bonner, Ribeyron, Stella McCartney
Instagram: @seeseemoon

Name: Lottie Ellerker
Occupation: Buyer
Brands: Ellery, Stella McCartney, Yang Li
Instagram: @lottieellerker

Name: Natalia Carlino
Occupation: E-commerce Manager
Brands: Calvin Klein, Yang Li, Lanvin, Saint Laurent
Instagram: @ncmilan

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