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POW! WOW! Recaps Amazing Worcester Event in New Video



After another successful showing in Worcester, Massachusetts on August 26, POW! WOW! has unveiled a new clip detailing some of the finest works created as a product of their artist’s ingenuity.

Featuring artists such as Arlin, Askew, Christina Angelina, Dan Witz, Greg Mike, Imagine, Jason Eatherly, JALLEN, Marka 27, Morgan Blair, Rustam QBic, Sabek, Sophy Tuttle, Tavar Zawacki, Anthony Mancuso, Kai Griffiths, Pamela Stolz and Scott Boilard, the recap video provides a tasteful view of an event filled to the brim with creative insight.

Be sure to take a look above for the full clip, and for more art, check out our five favorite pop artists on Instagram.

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