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Apple Unveils Integrated TV App for Apple TV, iPhone & iPad



After getting a look at the groundbreaking new MacBook Pro, Apple has finally unveiled its TV app, which will bring all TV and movies from the box’s various applications into one browsable location.

“We want Apple TV to be the one place to access all of your television,” said Tim Cook during the announcement. “One place to access all of your TV shows and movies.”  

Essentially, the new app will primarily address the problem of having to move from app to app to find exactly the content you’re looking for. Apple has partnered with video providers to aggregate all of their content into a single view format. Of course, classic features such as “Recommended” and “Watch Now” capabilities will still be included for easy accessibility – accessibility which will be catered further by Siri Live Tune-In, a feature which launches the exact app you need to watch the program you want to see.

For even more convenience, Apple will be packaging Single Sign-On with the update, which will allow users to only have to enter their username and password once for video streaming apps that require authentication. Unfortunately, Netflix has been reported as not participating in the new update.

For more on Apple’s new TV app, follow here.

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