Is Apple’s Game-Changing AirPower Wireless Mat Charger Finally in Production?


After a long wait, Apple‘s AirPower wireless mat charger might be about to enter production, the Independent reports.

The product, which was first teased back in 2017 but has been plagued by delays, enables simultaneous multiple device charging by laying compatible Apple products on the mat.

Hong Kong website ChargerLAB tweeted a few days ago that a “credible source in [the] supply chain” had confirmed that production has already started on the mat at Luxshare Precision. The tweet added that Luxshare Precision is also the maker of Apple AirPods and USB-C cables.

Rumors suggest the charger could drop in the first quarter of 2019. More information to follow.

In other news, Infiniti teases its electric future with the OX Inspiration concept.

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How ASICS Created Its State-of-the-Art GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY Cushioning


Located in Kobe, Japan, the Institute of Sport Science is ASICS’ primary research and development facility.

Housed inside the state-of-the-art ISS is a range of industry-leading equipment like a biomechanics lab, artificial climate chamber, an indoor running track spanning 350 metres, and a space where ASICS’ famous egg-drop test was conceived, and primarily used to test ASICS GEL cushioning by dropping an egg onto a 30 millimeter GEL pad from a height of 15 metres. As the brand’s folklore tells us, the egg did not break, and this test served as the basis for the revolutionary GEL-KINSEI sneaker range, as well as later running models with the familiar GEL prefix.

The institute’s top-line objective is the analysis of human form and movement – in line with ASICS’ brand motto of commitment to a sound mind and a sound body – and subsequently to develop trademarked technologies including DUOMAX, FLUIDFIT, FLUIDRIDE, plus the facility’s most recent technological achievement, GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY.

QUANTUM INFINITY is ASICS’ first full-length heel-to-toe GEL cushioning unit, which features small gel nodes on the outsole for added grip, plus a gradient color scheme for a touch of flair. Highsnobiety was invited to visit the ISS for an introduction to some of the amazing tech inside the facility, and for a detailed look at how ASICS developed GEL and GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY.

Learn more about the ISS, here, and the ASICS GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY.

Vancouver-born, Berlin-based writer, photographer and editor with a steady hand on the keyboard.

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The First iPhone XI Leak Suggests New Three-Camera Design


It might seem early in the year, but die-hard Apple enthusiasts are already looking forward to 2019’s new iPhones. Digit has what is reported to be a first look at the next iPhone model, which for now is being referred to as the iPhone XI.

From the rendering, the phone has a triple camera setup on the back accompanied by an LED flash. The three cameras are housed in a square unit, with two cameras aligned vertically and the third positioned to the side. Located above the lone camera is the LED flash, with the phone’s microphone found below.

Digit points out that Apple is expected to release three iPhones this year, although the models are currently still in the testing stage. The company rumored to be launching one low-end phone, billed as a possible successor to the iPhone XR, and two high-end versions succeeding the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. It isn’t clear which variant the three-camera iPhone represents.

In addition to the new camera setup, the rendering shows the iPhone XI with a black back panel made of glass and the Apple logo at the center of the design.

For more information, head to Digit.

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Native Union Launches Handmade Terrazzo iPhone Cases & Chargers


Premium tech accessories maker Native Union today releases its latest capsule, the Terrazzo Collection, which comprises iPhone cases and chargers. The drop pulls inspiration from the speckled terrazzo material usually seen in flooring and interior design.

“Taking inspiration from industries such as home interiors and architecture has been at the root of Native Union’s design over the years. We wanted to give the traditional terrazzo a contemporary twist when applying it to modern tech while still keeping the inspiration recognizable,” says Native Union head of design Fabien Nauroy. “The result is a sophisticated but striking collection of accessories that you won’t want to hide away.”

The accessories have been handcrafted using Jesmonite, which creates a distinguished mineral pattern marble effect that mimics a terrazzo finish. Items such as the CLIC Terrazzo iPhone case for iPhone Xs and Xs Max ($60) and the Dock Wireless Charger ($150), available in black and rose, use the material to beautiful effect.

In other tech-related news, LG has unveiled the world’s first rollable OLED TV.

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IBM Unveils the World’s First Commercial Quantum Computer


The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is currently ongoing in Las Vegas, and US tech giant IBM has just unveiled its latest creation with the first ever quantum computer designed for commercial use, the IBM Q System One.

Quantum computers promise to outperform regular machines at certain tasks by exploiting the strange properties of quantum physics, and the IBM Q utilizes theories of physics to create computing techniques that are far more powerful than current devices. Unlike modern computers that function using a binary system that give answers made up of ones and zeros, quantum computers use quantum particles known as qubits, allowing huge data sets or complicated algorithms to be answered much faster. Potential real-world applications of quantum computing can used to revolutionize the fields of medicine, artificial intelligence, financial markets and online security.

In terms of the IBM Q System One’s appearance, the computer is defined by a stack of circuit boards and wires, encased in a metal cylinder that sits in a half-inch thick glass case.

IBM’s computer is a 20-qubit machine, and while it won’t be available to the public, the company has announced plans to open its first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center for commercial clients in Poughkeepsie, New York later this year. To learn more about the IBM Q System One, head on over to the company’s website now.

Last year, IBM unveiled the world’s smallest computer.

Renz Ofiaza is a Staff Writer at Highsnobiety and based in Brooklyn.

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LG Unveils the World’s First Rollable OLED TV


Last year we included LG’s rollable TV concept in our most mind-blowing gadgets from CES 2018, and now the television of the future is back at the popular tech expo in Las Vegas, and is ready to be the companies flagship 4K OLED TV for 2019.

Defining the next generation of television, the signature OLED TV R gives home television viewers infinite possibilities in designing their perfect viewing space with its innovative rollable display. Leave the screen up while you binge watch the infinite endings of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, or hide the 65-inch inside the refined base station to enjoy everything else about your living room. You got options!

There’s also a mode LG calls “Line Mode” where the display will drop down so that only about one-fourth of the panel is showing to control on-screen music controls and home gadget apps. However, the rollable display isn’t the only impressive feature of the TV R. The base station, which holds the display is also a powerhouse for audio consumption, equipped with a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker for impressive built-in audio.

Whether using it to watch, tv, play music, or style as an art piece for your living space, the OLED TV R gives consumer countless possibilities other TV’s can’t offer. The price for the LG product hasn’t been released, but going off the company’s $8,000 “wallpaper” OLED TV from 2018, this new television won’t come cheap.

In other news, Apple Trolls Google & Amazon With Billboard at CES.

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The North Face Launch FUTURELIGHT, an Advanced Breathable & Waterproof Outerwear Technology


The North Face aims to advance outwear technology with FUTURELIGHT, a new breathable waterproof material revolutionizing the future of technical fabrics.

Using the process of nanospinning, the brand has been allowed to add air permeability into the membrane of a fabric by creating Nano-sized holes. These holes allow air to move through the material and provide more venting efficiently while still maintaining total waterproofness.

“Right now, the expectation from a waterproof product is something loud, crunchy, muggy and unpackable. With FUTURELIGHT we can theoretically use the technology to make anything breathable, waterproof and for the first time, comfortable,” Global General Manager of Mountain Sports at The North Face Scott Mellin states in the press release. “Imagine a waterproof t-shirt, sweater or even denim that you actually want to wear. Today we start with jackets, tents and gloves, but the possibilities could be endless.”

Thanks to the FUTURELIGHT technology, The North Face is also setting a new standard in sustainability. These advances have allowed the brand to responsibly create three-layer garments through use of recycled fabrics and production that cuts chemical consumption, all while being produced in a cleaner, solar-powered factory.

The FUTURELIGHT technology will be implemented across The North Face’s most pinnacle products including the Summit Series, Steep Series and Flight Series collections in Fall 2019.

In other news, C2H4’s FW19 collection includes a futuristic Nike Air Force 1.

New York based writer that pops flavor and drips sauce.

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Apple Trolls Google & Amazon With Billboard at CES


Apple has trolled Google and Amazon with a new billboard that takes shots at both companies’ privacy issues. The billboard reads “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” and is positioned outside the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tech conference in Las Vegas, right beside a monorail emblazoned with Google ads.

Apple sits out the yearly tech event, but Google, Amazon, and other tech competitors have a strong presence at the conference.

Both Google and Amazon have a less than stellar privacy record. In October last year, Google announced it would be shutting down its Google+ social network after the discovery of a user data leak similar to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Plans to shut down the service were accelerated after a second leak was revealed in December. Amazon, meanwhile, was hit by a major data breach in November.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for stricter tech privacy laws amid what he calls a “data industrial complex” and previously battled with the FBI over giving up access to an iPhone owned by the San Bernardino shooter.

Do you trust Apple with your data? Let us know in the comments below.

In other tech news, Elon Musk’s vision of the future looks a lot like the past.

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Elon Musk’s Vision of the Future Looks a Lot Like the Past


Elon Musk took to Twitter yesterday to post concept artwork of SpaceX’s Starship test vehicle.

It’s no secret that a spacecraft is being assembled in SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in Texas, and it has even planned a suborbital rocket launch in April or March, to prove the viability of the Starship’s systems. While images of the spacecraft’s assemblage have been steadily emerging, many followers were surprised by the design presented in Musk’s latest tweets.

Orbital flights are slated for 2020 and the Starship is shaping up to be the spacecraft of the future, yet its appearance is reminiscent of designs from the ’40s and ’50s. Twitter followers were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance of Musk’s concept art to the first prototype of Tintin’s rocket and Fritz Lang’s Frau im Mond rocket design, as well as other designs from the era.

We can’t fault Musk for his tireless mission to bring the romance and glamour back to space exploration, and the latest images have inspired admiration and awe from followers.

It should be noted that the final product will look a little different from the concept art, not least because the Starship will have windows before it sets off into space.

What do you think of the latest designs? Let us know in the comments below.

In other news, China has achieved a world first by landing its spacecraft on the dark side of the moon.

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.

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In World First China Lands Spacecraft on the “Dark” Side of the Moon


At 10:26 Beijing time (02:26 GMT), January 3, China achieved a world first when it landed its Chang’e 4 probe in the South Pole-Aitken Basin of the moon. While the USA, Russia and China have all successfully landed spacecraft on the side of the moon that faces earth, China alone has just landed on the “far” or “dark” side.

The landing was described as, “an impressive accomplishment,” by NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine. The probe has already sent back its first pictures from the surface, which have been shared by the Chinese state media.

Interestingly, despite the obvious propaganda value of such a technological feat, there was little media coverage around the Chang’e 4 landing attempt before the official announcement of its success was aired.

Nevertheless, this is a significant step in China’s bid to become a leading power in space exploration, alongside the United States and Russia. The next step is for China to build its own space station next year, with the hope of having it operative as early as 2022. This is a remarkable trajectory considering it was only in 2003 that China sent its first astronaut into orbit.

What do you think of China’s plans to expand further into space exploration? Let us know in the comments below.

Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry doesn’t believe the hype. NASA has offered to educate Curry after his recent moon landing denial.

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.

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