Here’s the Latest on the Samsung Galaxy 8 Including Specs & Release Date


Samsung is going head to head with Apple with the drop of one of its most expensive phones ever. According to Venture Beat, Samsung has purposefully delayed the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 in order to rival Apple’s iPhone 8.

In a previous report from Reuters, a source said the Galaxy Note 8 will boast a 6.2-inch screen, a curved screen, and two rear cameras.

However, according to SlashGear, the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a whole lot more. Apparently, it will include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM, two 12 megapixel f/1.7 cameras with a focal length of 26mm, built-in with image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. That’s a solid package.

More specs reveal that the Galaxy Note 8′s 3,300 mAh battery size, which is smaller than the 3,500 mAh battery inside of the Galaxy Note 7, yet larger than the 2,900 mAh battery inside of the iPhone 7. If all of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks chatter is true, you expect the phone to hit stores sometime in September for around $1,000 USD.

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Samsung’s Latest TV Is a Legit Work of Art


If you’ve ever thought of the powered-off screens in your home (a television, computer monitor, tablet etc) as rather dull when they’re not filled with color and motion, you’re not alone.

In fact, WIRED has just reported an artful solution, all thanks to Yves Behar, a Swiss industrial designer.

Behar and his team at FuseProject have spent two long years working in collaboration with Samsung to create ‘The Frame’. Yes, it’s a new television but it’s also a carefully considered mash-up of aesthetics and technology. It all means when you’re not using ‘The Frame’ as a television, it will moonlight as a gallery-grade digital art display.

It takes one click on the remote to toggle between the TV and “art-mode”. It’s a seriously hi-res display which means all your favorite digital paintings, drawing and photographs will look utterly sublime.

You can import your own images, order them from Samsung at $20 a pop, or subscribe to unlimited art for $4.99 a month.

While it’s definitely gallery-worthy, it looks way more like an actual frame than it does a television. But for a retail price of $2,000, and rather standard specs, is it really worth it?

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The BLOCK MacBook Stand Is Made of Solid Marble


Not only can you dress your MacBook (and iPhone) with these slick marble covers, but now thanks to Germany’s de Dolomieu, you have the opportunity to let your MacBook rest on an even more luxurious marble stand.

Each BLOCK, hand-selected and unique to itself, is milled from a 14-kilogram, 6-centimeter-thick slab of marble, ultimately making use of Statuario, which is an attractive white marble that remains in high demand with limited availability.

“We chose to work with marble because it is elegant, robust, and transcends time,” explained co-founder and head designer Ryan Hursh. “We love the contiguity of utilizing this old stone, made famous through ancient architecture and sculptures from masters such as Michelangelo — who sourced his marble from the same quarries as we are — and pairing it with the modern look and feel of aluminum.”

With each BLOCK being custom designed, the accessory has been created to become a near-seamless extension of an Apple MacBook computer. The curves of the marble masterpiece thus hug tightly to your MacBook’s edges, while the hand-polished surface is noticeably smooth and initially cool to the touch.

BLOCK is currently available for order in three different models to match Apple’s MacBook lineup. Visit de Dolomieu for more.