1HR Photo (Lost Files): Here’s How CFDA Ambassador Fabolous Did NYFW


Brooklyn-born rapper Fabolous has been a conspicuously stylish part of the New York Fashion Week front row ecosystem for many years. However, this past season, Fab’s hip-hop influenced sartorial choices caught the eye of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which recognized his continued involvement with the city’s fashion community by tapping him as one of the official ambassadors of NYFW:M.

In addition to attending his usual line-up of shows, the core of his ambassadorship duties revolved around something that was already quite familiar — social media. Like many entertainers, Fab has become a consummate product of the Instagram generation, using his page to curate his brand and cross-promote relationships with other partners.

As Fab shuttled between the flagship shows of men’s week and NYFW, we asked him to record his experience with a series of disposable cameras. Scroll through the gallery to see behind the scenes shots of 070 Shake, Young Paris, YesJulz  and Ronnie Fieg as well as selects from Moncler, Tim Coppens and more.

See more global style with our roundup of the best sneakers worn during Tokyo’s women’s fashion week here.  

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Supreme & The North Face Unveil Full SS17 Collection & Pricing


Supreme continues its ever-rotating carousel of collaborations with a banger, and this time the streetwear deity renews its longstanding relationship with The North Face.

Once again, there’s a diverse selection of tops, bottoms, and accessories, all exacted with functional appeal. While Supreme x North Face’s last spring collection was peppered with prints, the latest feat takes a more pared-back but colorful approach.

There’s an eclectic palette at work, including some decorative patches featuring the US flag. It’s a stark move away from the brand’s mainline SS17 collection, featuring plenty of loud, politically-charged motifs but definitely indulges the North Face’s heritage as an explorative, outdoor brand.

The collection itself includes the Trans Antarctica Expedition Pullover, Pant, Fleece Jacket, Big Haul Backpack and Headband. There’s no shortage of functional appeal, given that the the pullover and pant come with Gore-Tex nylon with the seams fully sealed, as well as a durable waterproof construction and reflective patches.

The fleece jacket features Polartec fleece and has reflective patches sewn on. For accessories, the backpack boasts a 1000D TPE fabric laminate body for some very serious, military-grade waterproof steez. Finally, there’s the headband that might just be the most versatile offering of the bunch, boasting logos from both Supreme and North Face and cementing another harmonious union between the two brands.

Supreme x North Face SS17 is set to launch at Supreme’s locations in New York, Los Angeles and Paris, as well as its online store on March 30. For those in Japan, you’ll have to wait until the April 1 release. Supreme has already released pricing of the items, and it can be seen below.

Gore-Tex® Pullover: $488
Gore-Tex® Pant: $368
Polartec® Fleece Jacket: $268
Big Haul Backpack: $158
Headband: $54

For more Supreme news, check out what Tokyo’s finest wore to Supreme’s Lacoste drop.

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@cea.ras is the London Streetwear Fan You Won’t Catch in YEEZYs


#GramGen is a series profiling the most radical characters in youth culture, who continue to shape trend behavior and spark controversy through their avant fashion sense and candid social media personalities. 

Meet Ceara Maya, aka @cea.ras. Born and raised in North London, the 17-year-old streetwear fan is currently in her sixth form (UK equivalent of high school) studying history, politics and chemistry. With her tomboy style and “don’t fuck with me” demeanor, Ceara is paving the way for young, streetwear-loving girls who are often overshadowed or objectified by their male counterparts.

We caught up with Ceara to find out more about her taste for boys’ clothing, how people treat her in the streetwear community and why she hates YEEZYs so much.

How old are you?

I’m 17.

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I’m from North London, I was born here and I’ve lived here all my life.

What is your occupation?

I’m in my first year of sixth form studying history, politics and chemistry. I do not have a proper job at the moment, but I do modeling for small brands here and there.

How long have you been collecting streetwear?

Two years I think, I’m not 100 percent sure. One of the first pieces I bought was the Lions FW09 Supreme shirt, and it is still one of my favorite pieces.

What are your favorite brands at the moment?

I don’t really have a favorite brand, usually with releases I REALLY like about five things and then pretty indifferent about the rest. But my go-to brands are usually just Supreme, Stone Island and Gosha, but recently I’ve been really into a few more high-end brands as well, like Dior.

How would you describe your style?

Streetwear boys clothes basically. Simple hoodies and big tees with Air Max and Dickies, or sometimes if I wanna spice it up a bit I’ll wear a girl’s Gucci top with some cargos or something. Generally just your average hype-y teenage boy look…you’ll never catch me in skinny jeans or YEEZYs though.

How much do you spend on clothes a month?

It completely depends on the month. If I’ve had no work and haven’t sold anything much than probably only the £50 I get for pocket money (but usually that just goes towards food). Recently though I’ve been very lucky and have been working with lots of amazing people, which has meant that I’ve had a lot more money to spend and last month I recon I spent around £500.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a piece of clothing?

I never actually spend too much money on one piece because I don’t buy that much on resale. I think probably the Supreme roses sherpa which I got for £210 which is way more than what I wanted to spend but it was the only size small I could find.

How do you afford everything you buy?

Modeling, reselling and market research jobs mainly, but if someone emails me asking if I want to be involved in something creative that pays, I’m always down.

Do you prefer quality over quantity or quantity over quality?

Quality over quantity. I would prefer a few fire pieces that I love but cost a bit more than just a bunch of stuff that’s kinda nice.

Do you get a lot of private messages on Instagram? How do you respond to the haters and weirdos?

I get quite a lot of DMs hahaha. Usually they’re actually really nice people saying they like my style and stuff so I try to reply to everyone, and when I get hate it’s dumb stuff like “Your eyebrow slit is stupid” and once someone said “Bitch got one Gosha tee and she thinks she Hollywood,” so I made it my bio.

Do you think that people in the streetwear community treat you differently because you are a girl?

Not really, no. Most of my friends, and especially the ones I’ve made through the community, are boys, but they just treat me the same as everyone else. When I first started wearing streetwear I was actually kinda scared about what people would think and a lot of my friends and stuff commented on it, but now they’re starting to buy what I was wearing two years ago, so I don’t really care.

Are there any women in the industry who you look up to?

I’m not gonna say any names, but there are many women I don’t know personally but know of who are doing things in fashion and the creative industry that I hope to also do one day. They help me keep my ambitions high.

What do you see yourself doing in a few years? What career ambitions do you have?

I have no idea. I’m guessing I will be at uni, probably studying politics. I do always want to be involved in the industry though, and I would be more than happy to have a creative job as an adult. At the moment I’m kinda just seeing how things go, I don’t want to force anything.

What do you love and hate the most about fashion right now?

Well I hate YEEZYs for some reason. It’s not even a specific aspect of them, I just don’t like them at all. I also don’t like skinny jeans – again I don’t really have a reason, I just think they’re a bit boring. The thing I love about fashion at the moment is that ugly things are becoming so ugly, they’re nice. Satin Kappa tracksuits for example. Ugly style is my favorite style.

It’s warm out

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For more Gram-savvy youngsters, check out the kid who was recently called out by A$AP Bari for wearing a pair of VLONE AF1s

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Meet the Team Behind One of Australia’s Most Exclusive Designer Fashion Stores


Australia’s fashion scene is indicative of the country’s DNA, it’s a melting pot of various cultures. What gives it its unique character is the beach and surf lifestyle that attracts so many to the country. Unfortunately, Australia’s location makes it difficult for people to access the brands they crave from overseas and, until recently, few stores were stocking the labels they desired.

Dani Mercer, Conor Mercer and Jake Polce launched LESSONS in 2014, and in an incredibly short amount of time it’s become home to some of the biggest contemporary brands from around the world. Initially a hidden basement store, then a web store, the team opened its first official location last year in Perth CBD, Western Australia. On the rails, you’ll find names such as Astrid Andersen, KTZ, MISBHV, Places + Faces, VFILES, YEEZY and many more.

We wanted to talk to the team behind LESSONS to find out more, so we arranged a call in the middle of the night to talk building relationships with brands, supporting upcoming labels and other stuff. Read the interview below and shop the online store here.

When did you start LESSONS and what inspired the idea?

LESSONS started in 2014 in a hidden basement. The inspiration came from us all heavily shopping online from overseas stores, as there was nowhere locally to source these designers (and getting killed with hectic shipping costs). We saw a major gap in the Australian market and an opportunity.

Describe what LESSONS is for those who are unfamiliar?

LESSONS provides Australia with a local access point to international designers not previously available on our shores,  both with our physical location in Western Australia and our web-store.

How do you build and maintain relationships with brands? What was the first brand you worked with?

Travelling to LA, New York and Paris for Men’s Fashion Weeks and showroom meetings, something we hadn’t seen Australian stores doing, was crucial in building relationships and securing these designers locally. We travel four times a year to maintain and further develop these relationships, some of the designers we stock have become our good friends.

KTZ was the first major brand we worked with — we still remember stepping out of the lift elevator into our first meeting and it being in Kelly Cutrone’s apartment in New York with the KTZ owners and Kelly sitting at a table. I think we were all a bit shell-shocked, the whole meeting is still a bit of a blur.

Talk us through streetwear culture in Australia? When did streetwear first reach Australia and how has it developed?

Streetwear is such a broad term, and we feel like all aspects are now being covered over here, from higher end luxury through to surf and skate we feel like there’s a platform for each segment.

In general, we’ve seen fashion in Australia developing rapidly over the last few years with key people and stores helping push and drive it forward, for example, Sneakerboy and StreetX who kill it. In terms of the culture in Perth (where our store is located), kids are really well-educated and versed with what’s going on in fashion internationally.

Where do each of your personal interests in fashion stem from and what do you still love about it today?

Our interests in fashion stem from what we’ve each done and where we come from. What we love about it today is being able to see and experience it from a behind the scenes point of view. We also love that it transcends clothing and allows for collaboration across different industries — we’re lucky to work with some amazingly talented people from around the world.

What are you looking for from a brand or designer when deciding what to stock at LESSONS?

It’s always been really important to us that LESSONS introduces a brand to Australia or at the least to Western Australia — the idea of exclusivity has been what’s set us apart from other stores in Australia.

We look for brands that influence culture and also like to work with designers we connect and can grow with, meeting the actual designers is a huge part of this.

It’s also really important to us that LESSONS has a balance in terms of price-point and is accessible to a wide demographic, we want everyone to be able to experience the store and shop with us.

It’s great to hear about all the big name brand’s you’re stocking, it’s a strong look for LESSONS. However, how are you helping or how do you plan on helping smaller, lesser known brands and designers?

Our vision from the outset was always to source brands we felt were up and coming regardless of hype, and provide them with a platform in Australia. We’re always on the lookout for brands and designers who are adding something new to the conversation.

The Incorporated is a perfect example of this for us. We heard the buzz of this brand while we were in Paris during Fashion Week and went to their showroom in St. Germain to view their first collection. We vibed with the guys behind the brand from day one and were one of the first stores worldwide to release Collection 1 — we also have a collab dropping soon, keep an eye out.

Do you feel any responsibility as a retailer to support sustainable fashion brands and those working towards positive social and environmental change?

Our initial focus was to bring our current designer list together. Now that we’ve nearly achieved this and are almost three years in, we can start to turn our attention to the idea of sustainability. We’re putting this into practice with our in-house LESSONS brand which is wholly sourced, manufactured and produced in Australia, with the first collection of basics releasing shortly.

What are your ambitions for LESSONS?

Expansion and continuing to bring Australia exclusive designers from around the world. The Fall/Winter ’17 season is going to be crazy for LESSONS. We’ve secured some amazing designers such as Palm Angels, Marcelo Burlon, Yeezy Season 5, Unravel Project, Faith Connexion, Kappa Kontroll, Enfants Riches Deprimes and more. We’d also love to throw more events and parties like the one we put on last year with ASAP Ferg in attendance.

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Juergen Teller Shoots adidas Originals by Alexander Wang’s Upcoming Drop 3


Brand: adidas Originals by Alexander Wang

Season: Spring 2017

Key Pieces: As adidas Originals by Alexander Wang’s Drop 3 release on April 1 approaches, here we’re given our best look yet at the Run Clean Boost sneaker. In terms of apparel, the iconic trefoil is inverted across a selection of sporty unisex articles.

Editor’s Notes: Following up the initial unveiling last month, adidas Originals by Alexander Wang again taps German photography legend Juergen Teller for a New York City street shoot.

Now check out 10 of the best shopping releases from the past seven days.

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Stüssy x Champion Drop New T-Shirts for Spring/Summer 2017


Stüssy x Champion has dropped the second release of its Spring ’17 collaboration, and the new additions are a selection of screen printed T-shirts featuring some old-school graphic insignia on Champion’s quality fabrics, all finished with a vintage texture.

Take a look through the new T-shirts above, featuring two types of the “Funky Fresh Tee” as well as the “Cities Girls Tee.” The heather gray colorway is truly standout and makes for some excellent transitional layering when worn over a long sleeve T-shirt for full impact.

In addition, the two bar stock Pocket Tee with an embroidered logo is also available.

For more news, check out Stüssy x Champion’s baseball heat for SS17.

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Here’s Every Piece From the KAWS x Peanuts Uniqlo UT Collection


Finally, a complete look at the graphic T-shirt and toy collection that makes up KAWS x Peanuts Uniqlo UT Collection is here. The recent teases of the T-shirts and the plush toys courtesy of NIGO certainly primed the senses, but a full look at the line-up was held back, until now.

Snoopy, Woodstock, and “Joe KAWS” will all get the graphic treatment and adorn T-shirts, in prices ranging from $9.90 (kids) to $14.90 (adults). The plush toys, however, will retail for $19.90 to $39.90, depending on the size.

As well as the T-shirt and toy collection, special tote bags and slippers are expected to accompany the release. KAWS x Peanuts Uniqlo UT is set to drop on April 28 at Uniqlo stores and online.

Now take a look at BAPE’s latest collection riffing on Thrasher’s flame logo.

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The 8 Best Lookbooks to Hit Our Inboxes This Week


At times it feels like a full-time job just keeping up to date with the news. Political events, wars, new music, new stuff to spend your money on — there’s more distractions than ever out there. That’s why, to save you time and energy, we’ve wrapped up the week’s best lookbook submissions in one handy space, so you can feast your eyes on them all in one.

Below you’ll find a selection of the week’s dopest lookbooks.

10.Deep VCTRY

Season: Spring/Summer 2017

Key Pieces: The embroidered dad cap emblazoned with flags and the color-block hoodie.

Editor’s Notes: 10.Deep’s offshoot sportswear line VCTRY offers another familiar mix of sportswear staples including hoodies, sweatpants, and crew necks. Standouts included the pull-over rain parka and the punchy polo shirts.


Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Pieces: The cotton canvas dungarees, orange crew neck, and the wide-leg denim are all wearable wardrobe staples with a real focus on simplicity rather than statement excess.

Editor’s Notes: London-based label OTHO has already courted the likes of Opening Ceremony as stockists, and for Fall/Winter 2017, the fledging brand continues to refine its distinct take on workwear for the feminine form.

While there’s plenty of pieces in rugged fabrics and strict silhouettes, it’s the playful elements that lend Otho’s collection a softer edge. Standout details include halter necklines on technical fabrics.


Season: Spring/Summer 2017

Key Pieces: The zip-up track ensemble, off-white combat trousers, and logo hoodie are all staples pieces to co-opt into your spring wardrobe rotation.

Editor’s Notes: Korean brand LIFUL returns with a gritty SS17 campaign, where industrial visuals contrast with more tranquil moments at sea. It serves as a solid lesson in how easy the brand’s pieces are to intermix in order to achieve superior spring style.

Benibla Indpt Club

Season: NYC 2017 Lookbook

Key Pieces: Every one of these unstructured caps featuring very subtle branding is easy to co-opt into your everyday arsenal.

Editor’s Notes: Given that this underground Parisian label solely focuses on baseball caps, they’ve had the time to perfect an aesthetic formula and it’s quickly garnered a cult following. The blue wash denim cap that’s delicately embroidered with the brand’s logo is a real winner, though.


Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Pieces: The mock-neck waffle knit in black, those neatly tailored sweatpants, and all of the minimal, tailored steez is seriously standout.

Editor’s Notes: This Helsinki-based brand strikes the balance between casual comfort and sharp tailoring and the result is a robust collection of elevated staples.

Imtayaz Qassim

Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Pieces: It’s all in the details. Streetwear staples like sweatpants and hoodies are upgraded with distinctive detailing such as rope tassels and oversized pockets. The bulky outerwear is exactly what you want when winter is raging.

Editor’s Notes: This London-based brand delivers a strong serving of conceptual streetwear, with a particular focus on statement basics. Everything is easy to wear but it’s the unexpected detailing like off-beat seam placements and proportion play that sets it apart.  Thankfully, the brand’s expertly choreographed lookbook manages to shine a focus on those subtle finishings.


Season: Spring/Summer 2017

Key Pieces: The black leather biker jacket paired with some rugged workwear pants, the red power suit, and that paint-splattered cropped jacket.

Editor’s Notes: Italian brand Sunnei gets playful for its latest campaign, enlisting artsy photographer Andrea Artemisio to lens a group of “real people” wearing some of its latest pieces. The brand’s non-stylized, nonchalant approach to subverting the traditional campaign image is effective, to say the least.


Season: Spring/Summer 2017

Key Pieces: Those wide-leg trousers in bubble-gum pink are delicious and the cut-out overalls featuring a playful version of the brand’s insignia is one for summer. As always, the brand’s affinity for killer graphic treatment remains on point.

Editor’s Notes: South African menswear label 2BOP draws its visual inspo from a bygone era of arcade games and those vibrant references are all carefully distilled into a selection of very desirable, nostalgia-tinged wardrobe staples. The brand’s latest lookbook is a testament to their growth too, and they take a pared-back approach to spring/summer, reworking wide-leg trousers and overalls in easy, breezy linen and jersey.

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The 10 Best Products to Drop This Week & Where to Buy Them


Another week and we’re back with the highlights from Highsnobiety’s new shopping channel, What Drops Now. Every day we trawl countless online stores to bring you a curated selection of the latest and best in streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products, separating the best from the rest and saving you the hassle of checking 1,000 different webstores in the process.

Below you’ll find the 10 best products to drop this week, but for daily updated stream of the latest gear download What Drops Now’s dedicated smartphone app.

As always, much of this product is limited so if you’ve missed out, make sure you’re quicker next time.

For more shopping tips, check out the best sneaker releases this weekend.

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See Tokyo’s Fashion Freaks Kill It in Our Latest Street Style Round Up


Location: Tokyo, Japan

Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Looks: Tokyo proves age ain’t nothing but a number and you can achieve supreme style before you can barely walk (slide #12). Enjoy the lilac supreme track ensemble (in slide #23), office core gets the sado-sexy treatment (slide #24), and nu-workwear trend is out in force (slide #1).

Editor’s Notes: Tokyo is on its own flex, always. Needless to say, the Japanese are deft at remixing Western trends with their own unique visual signatures. Of course, our latest street style round up from Tokyo Fashion Week doesn’t disappoint. The main trend takeaway? Oversized is everything, layer up the clunky jewelry like there’s no tomorrow, mix your tailoring with anything unexpected and embrace the ugly shoe.

For more street style inspo, check out what Prague’s fashionistas wore to fashion week.

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