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It’s So Cold In The D (Throwback) Lets Ask JaRule

This song is truly a classic. The rhythmic effort, the truthful comparison its pure genius. I’ve visited Detroit a few times and it is indeed cold (freezing) in Detroit. But then she puts a spin on it and says “How the fuck do we ‘sposed to keep peace?” that’s deep. She takes the cold from a temperature aspect and spins it into an emotional context such as heartless. Then she completely threw me off when she said “What’s all on a nigga’s mind?, Murkin’ and doin’ time” … I don’t know about you but that threw me off because. I’ve never had murkin or doing time on my mind. lets continue, she goes into a story of Mason who was like a brother to her and it was very sentimental she spoke of all the memories she had with him but someone took his life. Then it all dawned on me. “How are they ‘sposed to keep peace?” .. With all the violence that’s going on, all the deaths.”How are they ‘sposed to keep peace?”

I think we need to Call Ja Rule for this one … actually yes lets start a segment where we ask Ja Rule serious questions about life and what he think should be done about them. Lets give it a try.

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