NYC’s Market Surplus Brings the City’s Colorful Murals Indoors


Market Surplus will be taking over LES this weekend, as New York City-based artist Hanksy and Essex Crossing have joined forces with a group of artists to bring the colorful murals of the city indoors. In short, this particular exhibition aims to transfer the typically permanent world of large scale mural art inside.

Open to the public beginning today and running through June 25, the vibrant artwork has transformed a historic Lower East Side building located at 140 Essex Street. You’ll be able to take in the masterful work tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and tomorrow and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. While entry is free, a donation of just $10 USD is suggested, to be awarded to the LES Girls Club.

This year’s participating artists include BKFoxx, Buff Monster, Elle, Faust, Hanksy, Lamour Supreme, NDA, OWVBICS, Pixel Pancho and Sonni.

See the appropriated imagery for a taste of what to expect from Market Surplus.

  • Photography:
    Bryan Luna
  • Videography:
    Dana Reeves
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KAWS Exhibition in Shanghai Features the Artist’s Giant Sculptures


Yuz Museum in Shanghai is currently hosting a celebratory KAWS exhibition, running through August 13. Conceived by design studio ArandaLasch, the showcase is housed in a former hanger, thus allowing the curators to take advantage of vast, wide open space.

In conjunction with KAWS, the Yuz Museum and the Modern Fort Worth, ArandaLasch presents an exhibit that is designed both for monumental display and worship, with the main display area acting as a temple of sorts. There, an illuminating ceiling resides above a large scale sculpture dubbed “Companion Passing Through.”

Follow on over to the next room and you will find various wooden sculptures and a stone wall showcasing “Chum.”

Surrounding galleries then highlight KAWS’ work across various media, ranging from black and white pieces to graffiti works and smaller collectibles.

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We Took a Look Inside Daniel Arsham and adidas’ New Installation at KITH New York


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Sam Tufnell’s “Inappropration” Is a Totally Immersive Illuminated Installation


For his first major solo show in New York, artist and SVA graduate Sam Tufnell brings “Inappropration” to the New Museum. Tufnell is in turn well known for his unique style of visually appealing yet underlying satirical illuminated sculpture.

“Inappropration” is best described as “a totally immersive illuminated environment” that encompasses the entire gallery space, while viewing almost becomes that of an HD experience. All in all, Tufnell’s subject matter is a mini retrospective of numerous installations from his career.

You yourself can check out Sam Tufnell’s “Inappropration” display now until June 30 at NY’s New Museum.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Also, be sure to take a look at Michel Blazy’s new installation featuring sneakers that have been transformed into pots for plants.

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Watch MOCA’s New Mini-Documentary on the Career of Artist Jeff Koons


Renowned artist Jeff Koons known for working with popular culture subjects, was honored last May during MOCA’s 38th annual gala (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) — and now, the contemporary art museum has commissioned a mini-documentary on his storied career titled simply, “Jeff Koons.”

Directed by Oscar Boyson, the eight-minute clip is narrated by one of Hollywood’s star actors, Scarlett Johansson, as it showcases Koons’ beginnings and his rise to popularity. A few of his iconic artworks such as the Puppy, Balloon Dog, car designs, concert backdrops and many more are highlighted in the sequence of visuals, while there’s also appearances by Pharrell Williams, art dealer Larry Gagosian, contemporary visual artist George Condo and others paying homage to Koons.

Enjoy the video above and here’s why streetwear fans should care about Jeff Koons.

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The Skateroom & the Andy Warhol Foundation Team up for More Skate Decks


The Skateroom and The Andy Warhol Foundation are once again partnering up for a special release, delivering more new skate decks featuring designs by the late artist, all as a part of an ongoing collaboration with The Beyeler Foundation during Art Basel 2017.

Subject of the project is “Flowers,” which was created by Warhol in the mid-’60s, drawing inspiration from a photograph of seven hibiscus flowers by Patricia Caulfield.

The Skateroom will in turn use the profits from this limited edition collection towards the operational costs for charitable NGO Skateistan.

“The Skateroom understands the relevance of contemporary art on skate culture. We were also impressed by The Skateroom’s desire and ability to execute unique Warhol decks that embody and embrace the artist’s non-conformist spirit,” said Michael Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation. “Lastly, as a non-profit organization ourselves, The Skateroom’s embrace of Skateistan helped us understand that some of our world views were aligned.”

Limited to 500 units, the set of six Andy Warhol decks welcomes hand screen print.

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adidas Originals Taps Daniel Arsham for Upcoming Immersive Installation


adidas Originals this week announces a new creative partnership with New York-based artist Daniel Arsham, informed by Arsham’s fascination with archeology, discovery and the phenomenon of found objects. The collaboration will ultimately act as a multi-faceted exploration of 20th century ephemera and cultural artifacts, creating a world of imagined rediscovery through the lens of adidas Originals’ storied past, present and future.

The first installment from the joint effort will take place at KITH NYC, as Arsham has transformed his signature aesthetic into an immersive presentation featuring audio, visual and tactile experiences.

Those who attend will in turn have the chance to win exclusive Arsham multiples, all while delving into the next chapter in the adidas Originals by Daniel Arsham story.

You can look forward to the exhibit being open to the public from June 20 to June 27 at KITH NYC, with additional installations in London, Tokyo and Seoul adidas Originals Flagship stores to follow.

644 Broadway (at Bleecker St.)
NY, NY 10012

  • Image:
    Rebecca Smeyne for The New York Times
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Sneakers Are Used as Plant Pots in Michel Blazy’s New Installation


Paris-based artist Michel Blazy is no stranger to integrating botanical life and greenery into various everyday items. For his latest exhibition, Blazy repurposed sneakers as plant pots.

Dubbed “Collection de Chaussures” (shoe collection), the installation was designed for this year’s Venice Art Biennale. The shoes, showcased on tiered plinths, can thus be seen filled with soil and plant life, and are surrounded by lights on all sides.

Ultimately, Blazy’s overall design is meant to highlight the cycle of life via stages of growth and decay.

For a look at Collection de Chaussures, scroll through the imagery above.

Following, be sure to check out Nike’s new “Objects of Desire” exhibition, celebrating its innovative design history.

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British Voters Will Receive a Complimentary Print From Banksy If They Vote Against the Conservatives


Known for causing mass provocation wherever he goes, including the West Bank, famed British artist, Banksy, recently took to Instagram to announce a very special giveaway; a thank you of sorts to those willing to vote “against the Conservative incumbent.”

The “UK Election Souvenir Special” is a rendition of the artist’s popular representation of a small girl contemplating the loss of her heart-shaped red balloon. Only this time, the balloon has been covered in the colors of the Union Jack, and as stated by Banksy on Instagram, ”symbolises how I feel about Britain. It is losing it’s heart… gradually becoming a fascist, insular society.” Check out the posts below and let us know if you belong to one of the souvenir’s eligible constituencies.

Follow @highsnobiety on Instagram for more photo highlights from around the world.

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Ai Weiwei & Yayoi Kusama’s Most Iconic Works Come to Life in 3D Animation


3D visual artist Ziye Liu unveils a four minute short film Themes & Variations, which is based on four contemporary artworks — Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s “Untitled” and “Grapes,” and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s “Polka Dots” and “Narcissus Garden.”

As part of his thesis project at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), the 3D-generated film explores the relationship between the art and the space that it is placed in, as well as the relationship between reality and imagination.

“The patterns and shapes were generated in 3D software, as the fundamental elements of each artwork, because they could be transformed in many different ways,” Ziye said when asked what inspired the transformations. “And this close resemblance between the actual, physical artwork and the 3D rendered one becomes even more fascinating when it’s in motion. Each simple shape – a circle, a sphere, a hexagon or an octagon – grows and evolves into different variations as the film moves on.”

Using visual effects such as texturing, lighting, rendering and digital compositing to produce the animated artworks, Liu describes that “contemporary art such as conceptual art, kinetic sculpture and installation art all have a resemblance to the visual characteristics of computer generated imagery.”

He further added, “The style of much contemporary artwork is very similar to the style of visual effects technique. The difference is that most of the artwork is static and restricted in motion, while visual effects provides infinite possibilities and will bring these artworks to a new level.”

Truly a mesmerizing interpretation that gives new possibilities to contemporary artworks, you can view more of Ziye Liu’s work here.

In case you missed it, here’s why Yayoi Kusama is the perfect artist for the Instagram Age.

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