Charly Bliss Dance Through the Frustrations of Life in “Young Enough”


Last month, Charly Bliss set fire to the stereo with their sophomore album, Young Enough. The power pop project shows the New York band confronting some of life’s most distressing and unexpected twists head on with pure rage, positive energy, and even paralyzed joy. Today, we’re premiering the official music video for the celebratory title track. The Henry Kaplan-directed visual was inspired by the concept for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” but depicts frontwoman Eva Hendricks “dancing through and wrestling with my own perception and understanding of a painful experience.”

“The video takes place in a sort of dream world where time is non-linear and constantly speeding up and slowing down. Henry Kaplan did an incredible job of translating the reflective aspects of the song into a video that’s both beautiful and bizarre,” she told us in an email. “The video was choreographed by the incredible Derek Nemechek and I was so lucky to get to dance with Michaela Marie Pickett and Chloe Voltairo, who act as guardian angels whenever my character gets too lost in time.”

More than anything, the visual might provide some comfort so we can all approach those dark moments with a little more clarity. Scroll down for our Q&A with the band to learn more about the song after you watch the whole video unfold above.