Meet Dana Dentata, the Former Metalhead Making Empowering Rap


Under the Radar is Highsnobiety’s weekly celebration of upcoming talent. Each week, we’re spotlighting a rising artist who is bringing something new to the world of music and is capturing our hearts and minds (and ears). This week, we’re featuring Dana Dentata, a former metalhead who is casually making some of the most in-your-face, empowered rap you’re likely to hear this year.

“I’m never gonna trust no dick, bitch,’” spits Dana Wright over screaming G-funk synths and trap drums. The Toronto-born, L.A.-based artist has gone through a kind of metamorphosis over the last couple of years, returning to the spotlight with a renewed alpha-female energy.

“Trust No Dick” is one of eight strip club-approved tracks on DANAVI$ION, Dana’s newest release and triumphant return to music as a hip-hop artist. She took an understandable hiatus after dealing with years of abuse and a subsequent harmful relationship; the toxicity of it all clouded her creativity and she needed time to regroup.