Op-Ed | Why Kendrick Lamar Should Play A Villain in the ‘Black Panther’ Sequel


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Kendrick Lamar got fans excited when in a BBC 1 interview promoting Black Panther, Lamar hinted that he would like to take a stab at playing a villain in a potential sequel. The rapper said, “He was a villain but he was loved and misunderstood, so if I could, I’d play Killmonger for sure.” He added that it was a “privilege” to be involved with the film and that it “is something that not only stands within its moments but stands within time.”

A number of hip-hop artists have tried their hand at acting over the years to great success. Obviously, Will Smith and Ice Cube come to mind, and recent, grounded turns from Method Man and Black Thought in The Deuce show that there is room for rappers turned thespians in the current TV landscape.

Lamar seems like a perfect candidate to start taking on dramatic roles. He is a natural storyteller whose dynamic, strong narrative voice has inspired a generation. A closer look at his work shows that acting might actually be a natural fit for the hip-hop superstar.

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